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The word socialist is wrecked in the American psyche...

[Excerpt from Book One ~An Epiphany On Wall Street~ in the Nine Inch Bride series.]

“The word socialist is wrecked in the American psyche,” she replied. “Two centuries of questioning and thought have been rendered taboo and blanked out of mainstream consciousness. But no, the making of new parties must await proportional representation and the demise of winner-take-all. The task before us is to unwind these undemocratic, race and class biased electoral structures. That is prerequisite to successful third parties.”

She stepped away from the candle and caught a glimmer of light along one side, her cheek bone visible now, the rest of her face in shadow. The curve along her neck and shoulders was distractingly delicious to the eye.

“You are alienated from both sides, Ken, because you are middle class,” she said, grabbing back my attention. “Not to be one of the elite honeycombs your soul, and yet you can no longer sit down to dinner with the unwashed common man you consider yourself superior to and more deserving than. I offer you a chance to mature in your human potential to its fullest. All else is waste of time.”

I squirmed at that.

“Democracy is a learning machine. No ism is complete, or sufficient in all times. There can be no forbidden party, even the most noxious side of ourselves we must hear. All barriers must come down. Folly will learn better and fade. True democracy is immune to utopias and final solutions by other name. This discourse between twin capitalist parties, keep-all and tweak-some, is a black tie affair in a museum for democracy.”

 [Read more...]


“Isn’t capitalism ordained in the Constitution?” I blurted aloud, not entirely sure whether this was a stupid question.

“Ha. The ruling roosters strut as if it were so, and sadly you have come to believe it. No ism is ordained or precluded in the Constitution, if you wish to hang your hat on this document. The word ‘property’ occurs all of four times in the founding statements, and none equate to capitalism or constrain our terms of property to the capitalist version. Yet America makes missions of war, cold and hot, economic and military, against people at home and across the world at the bare suggestion of an alternate ism.

“It is not the document but our mind-set that locks the wheel. We long ago declared the American experiment done, but there is no done, and done should not be wished for. According to the media and our cultural myth, we are living blissful lives of serfdom and consumption, as if the final word for humanity were here and now upon us.

"I would reclaim and redirect all waste of moral energy. There is only one conspiracy at the root of our ills, that is capitalism, and it trumpets barefaced in the noon of day.”


[Originally posted on Google+]

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Noam Chomsky: On Power and Ideology


Noam Chomsky discusses the persistent and largely invariant features of U.S. foreign policy — in the words of U.S. planners, "the overall framework of order” — and its intimate relationship with U.S. domestic policy.

The U.S. foreign policy issues raised in his speech are explored thematically in book two of the Nine Inch Bride series, Suited For War.



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