Takes two to tango


“He called you a looter, and your claim to being more than a financial halfwit was… What did he call it?”

“Baseless?” Boom.

“Yes, that was it, and then something about compensation for being an orphan. He went on and on.”

“What else?”

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“You care more about every word out of his incessant mouth than anything I ever have to say.”

“Keira, you know that’s not true.”

“Isn’t it? You light up around him even while he plays the cat with your mousy little ears, and you both enjoy it. None of his rants come close to the ones he has about you.”

“What else did he say?”

“See how you are?” she observed. “Don’t let me get in the way of you two. He said if you weren’t such a good shot, he’d never have let you set foot around here.” Boom.

“What did he say about the shell, Keira.”

“Nicky something. Nick Cough, sounded like to me.”

“Nick Cough?”

“Kelly. Kelly Nickoff. That was it, I think. He said it so fast the name didn’t even sound American.” She offered. “It was Kellee’s then the rest.”

“Kelleeznickoff. Kalis… Kalashnikov?”

“Sounded more like Kaleeznikoff. Is it a shell?”



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I like that line . . .

"I confess I despair of humankind to hear a working woman declare herself for the Republican party."

"I revved and popped her in gear, leaving a long squealing burn to match my inner friction."

"The sun had come down on my Forever Sunday Island."

"With a slough of the skin, like a snake in its season, I’d wriggle out of the whole shebang."

"As a practical matter, I am overqualified for the idle stardom job.”

"Everything was a Green Con product, from the soil in the tree pots to the walls and levees holding the sea back from flooding the lower island."

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